September 21, 2013

Film making.

X.I love this.

September 17, 2013

First Birthday Parties.

It was a family friend's first birthday party this past weekend and I spent the morning eating tiny cupcakes decorated as cats and filming these cuties...


March 18, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Dress-Up.

After a busy few weeks of school, choir and homework I finally got to the shops for the first time in what felt like forever and I got this dress in the sales at Jay Jays.  The collar is from Lovisa and shoes Mr Price.


March 16, 2013


This morning I went to a birthday brunch at Freedom Cafe. We snacked on crumpets and sipped on lemonade under the trees and bunting and, as per usual, memories of the morning were captured by many a photograph.  And so without further ado...

Roselands '13.

A couple photo's from a recent choir camp.