November 27, 2012


Following my evening of lounging around the house, feeding my face and watching movies, I was in a very creative mood for the rest of the weekend.  On Sunday afternoon, somewhere in between digging through the dress up box, oil paints and boxes of crayons, I came across this old printers tray.  I initially bought it, for about R5, from the SPCA to use for an art project at school but soon decided it was too small and forgot about it.  After looking at it again I decided that it was actually quite cool, and proceeded to spend the remainder of my afternoon fixing it up.

I had to clean it quite well, as it was home to a couple spiders.

Next I cut out a bunch of pictures from old magazines.

I used wallpaper glue to stick in old pages from Black Beauty.  Please don't think of me as a horrible, book-murdering person it was already broken and torn up from past projects:(  

I stuck in my collage and put the shelves back inside...

And then it was finished:D

It's now hanging on my wall and is already filled with a bunch of stuff from my dressing table.  I think this was the first time I've started and completed a project within the same day, so I'll admit I'm pretty darn proud of myself;)


November 23, 2012


So today I can truly say that exams are over for at least another six months.  Yeaaaah.  I spent the afternoon working on my tan and look forward to a weekend of doing whatever I want.  I'm so excited for the holidays that I've even compiled a list of everything I want to do in the next few weeks and for the rest of the holidays.  A few of my holiday goals include:

1.  Baking a rainbow cake.
2.  Shopping.
3.  Reading at least two books.
4.  Sewing.
5.  Framing some stuff for my room.
6.  Seeing friends.
7.  Re-watching Grey's Anatomy and Friends from the beginning.
8.  Having my eyes tested- this is very necessary:(
9.  Learn more about my camera and get some more use out of it.
10. Finding a ukelele.
11. Learning new songs on guitar.

I'll be sure to blog about it all, but for now I think I'll curl up in bed with a cup of tea and watch the Mumford and Sons documentary I bought yesterday.  Happiness.


November 22, 2012

Backpack on my back. Woah, poetry.

This is a backpack appreciation post. That is all.

I think this is my favourite one.

Or this one.


November 21, 2012



Can I just start by saying that mustaches are awesome?  They're just beyond cool.

I'll just give you a moment to comprehend the amazingness.  

Anyway, seeing as though I seem to lack the ability to grow my own fuzzy facial friend, mustache themed anythings really excite me.  So when I saw this bag a few weeks ago, from a shop called Bow Peep, I immediately started to imagine the happy times we would have together.  I ordered it immediately and today I went to the post office to collect it:D  And may I just say it is as cool in person as it looks in pictures.  Also, this is going to make me sound lame so don't laugh, but it's the first time I've ever ordered anything over the internet so I obviously found far too exciting that it actually arrived.  My faith in the post office just increased.

After my rather average chemistry exam it was lovely to be able to come home and open the parcel.  It came in the cutest packaging and even had a little note attached.

Gah, so wonderful!  Oh and also when you buy one R10 from the proceeds go to CANSA so just cause you can't grow a stache doesn't mean you can't do your own bit.

My exams finish tomorrow so from tomorrow afternoon I promise I will come out of my study cave and go back out into the world.  And by world I mean internet.

Just thought I'd end this post with this picture that Cath sent to me.  I nearly cried when I saw it, it's the ultimate cat;)


November 9, 2012

Happy Weekend.

This picture really makes me want an underwater camera-so pretty.


November 8, 2012

Study ingredients.

I feel as though I've spent the last month holed up in my room studying, however it's only been a week and so far I've only written three exams- only nine more to go I guess:( Anyway, I'm not a very fussy person when it comes to studying- my only rules are that there has to be snacks and music.  I know that some people can find both of these things distracting when learning but I find they help me to not be distracted by other thing. Ahem, internet.  So while I take a study break I thought I'd share one of the playlists, found on 8tracks, that I've been listening to for past hour while trying absorb information on how to measure the area of blahblahblah.  Let's just say if you ever build a pyramid in your garden and need to know it's volume, you can call me.  

Now it's time for me to go back to the land of quadrilaterals and endless cups of tea.  Meh, that sounds lame but to be perfectly honest I don't really have the motivation to do anything about it.


November 2, 2012

Happy (Belated) Halloween.

It's a few days late but my only form of a halloween celebration was this evening.  I was feeling a little lazy so I ended dressing as a cat- not very original I know but I was pressed for time.

I can now look forward to a fun-filled weekend of relaxation and adventure.  Kidding, I'll be living like a hermit in my bedroom studying for the next three days. Fun times. I'm thinking of hiding my laptop from myself to try to avoid procrastination. Damn you, internet. Although knowing me I'll probably be able to avoid actually studying even without the aid of the beauty that is the internet- just last week I spent nearly twenty minutes playing with a toy double decker bus on my desk instead of doing maths:/


Explosion of colour.

This looks like so much fun, going to one of these festivals is definitely on my bucket list.