November 21, 2012


Can I just start by saying that mustaches are awesome?  They're just beyond cool.

I'll just give you a moment to comprehend the amazingness.  

Anyway, seeing as though I seem to lack the ability to grow my own fuzzy facial friend, mustache themed anythings really excite me.  So when I saw this bag a few weeks ago, from a shop called Bow Peep, I immediately started to imagine the happy times we would have together.  I ordered it immediately and today I went to the post office to collect it:D  And may I just say it is as cool in person as it looks in pictures.  Also, this is going to make me sound lame so don't laugh, but it's the first time I've ever ordered anything over the internet so I obviously found far too exciting that it actually arrived.  My faith in the post office just increased.

After my rather average chemistry exam it was lovely to be able to come home and open the parcel.  It came in the cutest packaging and even had a little note attached.

Gah, so wonderful!  Oh and also when you buy one R10 from the proceeds go to CANSA so just cause you can't grow a stache doesn't mean you can't do your own bit.

My exams finish tomorrow so from tomorrow afternoon I promise I will come out of my study cave and go back out into the world.  And by world I mean internet.

Just thought I'd end this post with this picture that Cath sent to me.  I nearly cried when I saw it, it's the ultimate cat;)


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