June 26, 2012

Dip Dye♥

For a while now I've found myself drooling over the dip dyed hair of girls in dreamy artsy pictures like this one: (All images from http://weheartit.com/)
I wish I was her.

First of all deciding how to do it took me a while.  There are a couple options but obviously I wanted something non- permanent which ruled out real hair dye and some stuff involving bleach.  The next option I found was food colouring.  It sounds a little dodgy but after watching a few YouTube video's it looks as though it works.  

Anyway I thought that seeing as though it is the holidays now it should be relatively safe to give it a try so that I have a couple weeks to get it out of my hair if it does turn out to be more than temporary.  I decided that I wanted to have blue tips, like in the pictures below.

Seeing as though I'm a bit of a wuss I just did one small piece of hair as a test to see how long it would take to come out.  I used this video to get the hang of how to do it:

Things you will need:

food coloring
hair ties
hair dryer

1. Braid hair into plaits, tying off where you want the dye to go up to.
2. Add 5+ drops of food coloring to a cup of water.
3. Dip the plaited hair ends into the cup and leave in coloring for about 2 minutes.
4.Take out of cup and towel dry.
5. Add a few drops of food coloring straight to the hair.
6. Put a small amount of conditioner on the colored hair and lather.
7. Leave conditioner in for about 2 minutes.
8. Dip back into coloring and water in cup for about 30 seconds.
9. Towel dry and blow dry the hair.

Because my hair is fairly dark it came out quite quite a lot lighter than in most of these pictures but I still quite liked it.  Also, much to my mom's delight it did come out the next time I washed it.  I would have liked for it to stay in a little longer but I guess it's not that complicated to do even if it's only for a couple days. 

June 25, 2012

Would you like a sugar cube with that?

Hallelujah for the holidays.  We finally finished the term on Friday and with that the celebratory partying began.  For me that basically meant a weekend of lazing around the house in my pajamas, watching movies, eating and painting my nails.  However, shortly before I turned into a giant sloth I really did have a celebration to attend.  So, on Friday afternoon a bunch of us pulled on our heels, got out our very best manners and went to high tea at the Oyster Box Hotel for Zahraa's 16th birthday.  Much of the afternoon was spent stuffing our faces, whilst trying to look vaguely civilized, with the amazingly wonderful food, drinking tea and taking pictures.  It was a lovely way to end off the term and spend time with friends.  I left with a happy full stomach, ready for the hibernation ahead;) Anyway I thought I'd share some pictures. Yaaaay.
How pretty? I want these teacups.
A little piece of marshmallow heaven.

The cutest Polaroid camera that there ever was.
Everybody looking pretty.

June 9, 2012

Why hello there winter.

The weather really seems to have turned much colder this weekend and so I've been spending mine in bed  reading, listening to Ben Howard and Florence and the Machine, eating smores, drinking tea and generally doing a fantastic job of lazing around.  Seeing as though there's clearly not a whole lot going on in my life at the moment I thought I'd share some of the beautiful pictures I've found recently on weheartit. Follow me at beccaheartsthis . (All images from http://weheartit.com/ )

June 2, 2012

This is the last jersey I promise...

This morning I went to the I Heart Market at the Moses Mabhida Stadium with the family.  I love going down there once a month to nibble on macaroons and turkish flatbread and have a look at all the stunning second clothing stalls. This morning was even more lovely with the knowledge that my exams are all out of the way.  Anyway, seeing as though I seem to be going through a stage of wanting to buy anything and everything secondhand it's unusual for me to go to a market and leave without spending a large chunk of my pocket money.  This morning I outdid myself and left with a new clutch purse, button-up blouse and what I promised my mom to be 'the last jersey'.  It's not that I own hundreds of them, the sum total is now six, but seeing as though I live in Durban they're not really needed for the most part of the year- unless you plan on passing out after the first five minutes outside.  I'm clearly not supposed to be living somewhere so humid and hot.  Ah well, one day I guess...
My clutch.
 Button up blouse.  Please excuse the weird cropping out of heads and dozy facial expressions- I'm still trying to master my camera's self timer.
The cute little buttons.  Aaaaaand...

Taadaa! Eewie that's a bad picture. But sadly the best I can do for now.  But 'yaaay' for the jersey.