June 2, 2012

This is the last jersey I promise...

This morning I went to the I Heart Market at the Moses Mabhida Stadium with the family.  I love going down there once a month to nibble on macaroons and turkish flatbread and have a look at all the stunning second clothing stalls. This morning was even more lovely with the knowledge that my exams are all out of the way.  Anyway, seeing as though I seem to be going through a stage of wanting to buy anything and everything secondhand it's unusual for me to go to a market and leave without spending a large chunk of my pocket money.  This morning I outdid myself and left with a new clutch purse, button-up blouse and what I promised my mom to be 'the last jersey'.  It's not that I own hundreds of them, the sum total is now six, but seeing as though I live in Durban they're not really needed for the most part of the year- unless you plan on passing out after the first five minutes outside.  I'm clearly not supposed to be living somewhere so humid and hot.  Ah well, one day I guess...
My clutch.
 Button up blouse.  Please excuse the weird cropping out of heads and dozy facial expressions- I'm still trying to master my camera's self timer.
The cute little buttons.  Aaaaaand...

Taadaa! Eewie that's a bad picture. But sadly the best I can do for now.  But 'yaaay' for the jersey.


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