August 3, 2012

15 days. And a dress.

Firstly, this is a dress I got at the last iheartmarket that I've been meaning to blog about for ages but procrastination etc.  Anyway, here it is.  I wasn't too sure about it at first because the style of the dress is quite old and it's pretty long so I think I'm going to take it up a bit.  It's different to any of my other dresses but I quite like it.
Also in case you had't noticed: it's August.  Basically the best month of the year.  When I first started typing this post I thought there were 16 more days until I turn 16, which would have been pretty cool but it turns out there are only 15 days.  To put it simply, I'm excited.  Which is weird, considering I don't usually get that worked up over birthdays etc.  Yay yay yay. 


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