December 7, 2012

Andy Alcala, you're cool.

Andy Alcala is a student originally from Chicago who recreates well known paintings, such as pieces by Warhol, Monet and Pollock, by painting them onto his own face and then photographing them.  I stumbled across his work while looking for images for my art nots last term and have wanted to share them ever since. All images taken from here and here.

Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh

Untitled 1975 Jasper Johns

Impression Sunrise Claude Monet

He also posts videos of how he does the paintings on his website.

Campbells Soup Can Andy Warhol

No 31. Jackson Pollock

Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow Piet Mondrian

Girl with Balloon Bansky

Whaam! Roy Lichtenstein

Black Square Kazimir Malevich



  1. the pictures are very nice *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. This is amazing! I love the Roy Lichtenstein one! I wish I was this good at drawing/ painting!

    Emma x

  3. Omg he is so cool! I love the van gogh one! Awesome post!

    Fashion Rhapsody

    Rose x