December 5, 2012

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.

Now that it's the holidays I've managed to go do a bit of clothes shopping.  Except that in the end I actually bought more shoes than clothes, but I think it's forgivable.  Everything is from Mr Price.

I have another pair of brown lace ups that are similar and I wear them all the time, so I decided it was time to invest in another pair.

I don't usually wear a lot of gold but I particularly liked the combination of it with the pale green colour.

Lastly I got this shirt.

I've been looking for a denim shirt for quite some time, so when I went shopping on Monday I was determined not to leave without one.  Unfortunately, because summer is starting, shops don't have any new winter stock and so all the shirt in the ladies section at Mr Price were the odds and ends- most of them being about three sizes to big for me.  And so came plan B.  Much to the embarrassment of my younger sister I marched into the mens section and came out triumphantly with the smallest one I could find.  I actually prefer this one to the women's ones that I saw as I felt that some of them were a bit 'over decorated'.

Also, thanks to Caitlin for being such an enthusiastic photographer;) 



  1. thank you so much! you look lovely! :) xx