December 2, 2012

Bubblegum princess.

Last weekend whilst looking through our dress up box in search of old bits of fabric to use as head scarves I found myself looking at old fairy and princess outfits that last fitted me around 2003.  In particular I found a pale bubblegum blue chiffon number that I can remember often strut tin aground the house in when I was five.

Here it is.

Anyway I decided that I quite liked the fabric that the bottom part of the dress was made out of, so I gave it to my gran and viola! Now it's a skirt.

Attempting to recreate the pose.

The material is super floaty and as there is lot of it when I wore it I felt like a cross between a Disney Princess and one of the girls from the movie Grease all at once
This top belonged to my gran but recently found a new home in my cupboard.

These are some of my mom's old rings from her varsity days.

My sister helped me take these photos and, like in most things we do, we soon got distracted by the daisies in the garden and so these happened.....



  1. what a great idea, nothing like recycling old clothes! i love the colour! x